Marquee FAQs

It depends upon the size of the marquee and whether your guests will be seated around tables or standing (banquet style seating accommodates more guests). However, our approximate guidelines are as follows:

28ft x 38ft marquee (up to 80 seated or 100 standing)

28ft x 28ft marquee (up to 40 seated or 60 standing)

20ft x 30ft marquee (up to 36 seated or 55 standing)

20ft x 20ft marquee (up to 24 seated or 32 standing)

Yes.  All our marquees are manufactured with quality materials to high standards.  Some of our marquees are stronger and more resistant to the elements than others.  Our team of experts will be able to advise the best structure for your event depending on time of year and weather conditions.

No, they are fully included in the price of the marquee (a choice of clear or white are available or a combination of both).

The side walls affix on to a cord that runs along the inside line of the marquees and clip onto the cord. They can also be pegged to the ground if required.

We will attach the walls on set up if instructed to.  However if it’s warm and you decide to leave the marquee open, we will leave the walls on-site for you.  If you choose later on to attach the marquee walls, they should take no longer than a couple of minutes each.

It very much depends on the kind of weather it will be, the type of event and the condition of the grass. Most Weddings require carpeting or matting, but many of the less formal events that we cover work perfectly well without.

Depending on the time of year and weather conditions, you may require a heater for your marquee event. We have marquee heating systems for hire so ask us for more details and we can advise accordingly.

Yes, we can supply power for small functions as well as large generators for parties & weddings.

Yes, we can supply everything from individual units to modern luxury blocks.

As a general rule:

8-10 around a 5ft table

6-8 around a 4ft table

6 on a 6ft trestle table (plus one either end)

As a cost effective and convenient alternative to arranging your own insurance, we include a Damage Waiver Fee, amounting to 6% of the total equipment hire charge and in doing so we take full responsibility for the risk of accidental damage to the equipment during the hire period. This is done through our own insurance.

Our insurers impose the following conditions to the damage waiver, where the customer is responsible for:

  1. The first £500 of accidental damage to the equipment.
  2. All damage resulting from wilful neglect, abuse or legal liability.
  3. All damage due to a failure to comply with any security arrangements that have been agreed. 

Indemnity does not extend to theft and loss, and excludes generators, heaters and toilets, all of which you are responsible for the full repair or replacement cost.

No.  The 6% damage waiver is not refundable.  Think of it as your insurance premium.

Yes, however the surface must me level (a site survey is recommended).

You are more than welcome to decorate the marquees yourself; however we would request that you use string as opposed to tape please to avoid damaging the marquee.

It very much depends on the event, location and weather forecast. Where possible we will aim to arrive on site by the Thursday before the event but will guarantee to have the marquees complete by close of business on the Friday.  Likewise, for a Friday event, we will guarantee to have everything complete by close of business on the Thursday.  If schedules, weather and land access permits, we could start set up as early as Tuesday.  Please talk to us with any special requirements.

We work closely with a selection of catering companies/venues and would be pleased to recommend them to you.  Take a look at our Friends and Venues for our favourites.

Yes, we can recommend a wide range of Bands and DJ’s to suit your individual tastes. Take a look at our recommended Friends.